FREE training on Unleashing your Superpowers in Life and Business

Session 1 - Tuning into your Big vision and Dreams

Understanding being HSP so you can master your energy and THRIVE

How to use Highly Sensitive Superpowers in your life to work towards your vision

Positive psychology & Mindfulness Habits for success

Energy techniques to help you move forward.

Session 2 - Connect back to your Vision

Building your Business around Your Sensitivity

Clearing any blocks to Abundance + Mindset

How to Shine your Light authentically to connect with your Soul clients.

I'll be taking you through my tried and tested process of tuning in with your vision, looking at your habits and energy, bringing in Mindfulness techniques, improving your Mindset, connecting with clients and  taking action on your dreams.


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Gemma Sandwell - Bsc Hons. Dip PP. ICF ACC

Business & Mindset Coach

Mindfulness Teacher


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