"The word privileged springs to mind, I feel privileged and lucky to have been coached by this incredible gifted person.


There are so many people out there who label themselves as a coach and to find one who is so skilled in what she does and so qualified in so many different disciplines is so rare to find.


Someone so authentic and doesn't bring their own ego into the mix. She guides you in such an incredible way to let you explore yourself. The Shifts are just WOAH, just WOAH!


I am not the same person I was when I started with Gemma a few months ago. The knowledge and intelligence and beauty that has gone into the programmes is just incredible, I just can't find the words to explain how incredible it has been, I have so many moments of gratitude.


I feel so lucky to have been able to work with Gemma. I could not recommend a better coach"

Jen Cross

"Within 24 hours of working with Gemma I had been able to shift my my mindset.


Gemma’s combination of science & spirituality really resonates with me & I just love working with her. I have let go of the fear & doubt & pushy energy has shifted & money & clients are flowing in.

I feel like I have a purpose & more fulfilled than I have in ages...I’m enjoying it so much it doesn’t even feel like work & it’s just amazing to experience & behold!


Thank you Gemma for guiding me on this amazing journey!! Love love loving it!!!!       

Alex Bannard


"Gemma is an incredible intuitive coach,when I had my first session, I could not stop smiling - my husband said whatever we had done, it had clearly worked, it was as though it helped click all of my energies into alignment.

What I found really special was she helped me tap into my own intuition to find the answers with a really beautiful and vivid meditation.

I also love listening to the inspiring podcasts and taking part in the monthly group coaching and reiki healing sessions.


All of this has been great fuel for taking my own business to the next level, and since I started working with Gemma, I have received great customer reviews, have reached all new groups of people and had the confidence to double my prices because I believe in the value of what I am offering.

I highly recommend Gemma for anyone seeking inspiring and intuitive business coaching that will help you step into your life and your vocation with joy and authenticity"

Dee Avis


Gemma has been an amazing support to me + my business.


Being a sensitive person, an empath + someone who struggles with anxiety + overthinking  she always calms me + I have ideas +steps to take things forward + balance my energy. 


Her meditations are amazing + she's helped me to focus more on my self-care + growth in a nourishing space. 

With Gemma’s expertise, healing abilities, empathic and understanding nature, skills she has learned and desire to see others grow and shine .. she is the ideal coach to help you if you want to shine and grow too! I highly recommend her.

Leanne Connor

Gemma really gets you and understands you, digs deep with you to get to the root of the issue.

She's not afraid of asking challenging questions to get to the root of the issue. Even as a coach myself that understanding of peeling back the layers of self awareness is something she does incredibly well. This is why I chose her as my coach.

I adore that she brings together spirituality and science incredibly well, I have not seen anyone do it better. I would very highly recommend her as a coach.

Kate Carter

" Gemma's coaching has really helped shift my thinking in my Hypnotherapy business and get me out of my head.


 Gemma works with my personal style and authentic self to help me unlock my thinking, empowering me to come up with my own ideas. Having the space held for me is very powerful.

Gemma is a very patient and  highly intuitive coach, I very much recommend "

Anna Rushmer


What attracted me to working with Gemma was she understood me at my core + what I needed and how I can use my sensitivities to my advantage.


Working with someone who understands me is amazing. Gemma has helped me tap into my intuition + gut + this has helped me make the best decisions on how to grow my business.


I feel very grounded + positive when doing the inner work which is sometimes tough. Gemma has empowered me with what I have learned from her in how to run a business as a HSP. The coaching group are such an amazing group which I have not experienced in the same way before.

Jess Wilkins-Blackburn