Lynsey Clark -  Aviva December 2019

Purchasing the 'Be Like a tree' meditation recording has been one of the best things I could have done for my well-being, its given me calm and focus each day and allowed me to build a Mindfulness habit. The analogy of a tree, similar to Gemma's TEDx talk really stuck with me. Gemma is such a good Mindfulness teacher and coach too and she was really helpful and lovely in supporting me. I would highly recommend reaching out to her if you need support.

Jasmine Dinnebar - Aviva December 2019

Its been really valuable to have someone I trust, who is completely honest and unbiased to challenge me and provoke new thinking in every session. This enabled me to understand what I wanted, what I needed to do to get there and what has been stopping me and holidng me back. Gemma gave me a safe and open space to think and get to the untampered truth I needed to acknowledge.

Rosie Peacock October 2019

Julie-Anne Kiddell September 2019

As a coach Gemma is warm and inviting, she makes me feel comfortable but is able to professionally challenge me and enable me to dig deeper into what was holding me back and enable me to fix it in my own way. 

The coaching gave me some steps to follow up after my ‘aha’ moment that I could implement in my life in a really practical way. As well as having the amazing unlocking power of the coaching Gemma also held me to account for making changes in my life. 

The most powerful thing was giving me the space to think, it made me stop and analyse and think about my thought patterns. Gemma was patient with me and gave me the needed space to process what I was unlocking and processing and this gave me the power and confidence to move forward with it. Thank you Gemma.  

Ollie Rudd Aviva - August  2019

Gemma, during the time we shared together you enabled me to see the benefits of coming out of my comfort zone and using my strengths to “deliver what mattered to me”.


This has had a positive impact on both my work and personal life, without your challenge and support I very much doubt I would have taken the leap from the UK to Canada and experienced all the benefits that have come with the move.

Alice Manson - The UEA Enterprise Centre 31st July 2019

Gemma came to talk to myself and some of the Tenants in The Enterprise Centre at UEA. Her sessions was brilliant. Informative and inclusive. She helped us to feel more calm and tuned in. I cannot recommend Gemma highly enough.

Victoria Trevor 20th July 2019

Gemma is an amazing coach! I have been massively struggling, almost given everything up this week and so I’ve just had coaching with her.

I haven’t worked that hard so much before, honestly, I can say it’s the best money ever spent!!!

Finally made the most difficult decision of my entire life so far! Onwards and up, thank you Gemma for your intuition, compassion and thoughtfulness.

Serena Fordham of Serena Fordham Enterprises Ltd 5th June

I cant recommend the 8 Weeks of Mindfulness course enough. I cant thank you enough for the last 8 weeks it has totally changed my life.

Lisa Fisher 3rd June 2019

I received a personalised recording which I have been using a couple more days. It's amazing! even with all the stress I have going on at the moment I'm feeling calmer and able to focus on the things I need to.

Toni Swan 25th April 2019

I had my first coaching session with Gemma this week and it was fab...the right amount of challenge to get me really thinking about what i want and need to do to move forward. Cant wait for the next session :)

Claire Sharpe 13th April 2019

I had a strengths coaching session with Gemma and would highly recommend it. Gemma talked me through responses from the questionnaire and really made me think about my natural strengths and weaknesses. She was really helpful, asked thoughtful questions and made me feel comfortable talking about myself, which I don't really enjoy doing. It was enlightening to see what strengths I had come to rely on in day to day life and talk through ways to make more use of my other strengths. Gemma was happy to share her own experiences and take on the 'strengths' but prompted me so I did all the talking. I am looking forward to putting my actions into place.

Alex Atkinson 6th April 2019

Gemma was amazing! She made me really think about the issues I was having and helped me find clarity. I came away feeling like my mind had done an intense workout and it felt really refreshing! I did all the work rather than listening to someone telling me how I was thinking, and I found that really helpful and boosted my confidence! I would highly recommend Gemma! She was fab!

Julie-Anne Kiddell 20th March 2019

Gemma’s 8 week mindfulness course is a real eye opener into your own life and helps you become a stronger, more resilient person ❤️

Heidi Davies 17th March 2019

I recently completed the 8 week mindfulness course with Gemma and would highly recommend it. Gemma has a very relaxed and easygoing teaching manner. With so much busyness, stress & anxiety these days, it’s great to learn tools and techniques that can be drawn upon for support at anytime. And just learning to be present in the moment brings so many benefits. A great ally in a frantic world. Thanks Gemma.

Monica Vinader Ltd 7th March 2019

A huge thank you to Gemma Sandwell from the The Happiness Branch for coming to talk to our Norfolk team today about the benefits of Mindfulness on our productivity and well-being. We are really looking forward to putting your advice into practice!

Cath Brooker 8th February 2019

Working with Gemma on my Strengths Profile was an amazing experience. I have learned what my hidden strengths are and how I can use these strengths in challenging and stressful situations. If you haven't already completed a strengths profile I can highly recommend it.

Serena Fordham of Serena Fordham Enterprises Ltd 8th December 2018

I had a mindfulness call with Gemma this morning and she has calmed my nerves and helped me go into today with a more relaxed and less stressed feeling. I would highly recommend Gemma and her mindfulness techniques to any busy woman who deserves to take time out and reflect for their own wellbeing.

Dr Sarah Fletcher 8th November 2018

Such an incredible inspiring concept, run by a exceptional role model. It’s making such an impact on my day to day life that I wish I had learnt this stuff years ago!

Dave Baker 23rd October 2018

First hand experience of being coached by Gemma and she really is fantastic. Gemma's approach of not giving answers but provoking and leading you to answer your own questions works really well and is more powerful than someone sharing an opinion. Gemma fills you with confidence in coaching confidentiality and builds rapport quickly and confidently. Gemma really helped me in the start of my transformation journey, humbled and eternally grateful. Thanks so much Gemma

Catherine Buck 18th September 2018

I can not recommend Gemma enough, she is lovely, approachable and made me feel relaxed. She offered some amazing advice and didn't rush, she made me feel comfortable and helped me to see there are different ways to help myself control my anxiety. I would honestly recommend her to everyone! 

Meg Smith 31st August 2018

I have just finished this amazing course. And I LOVED it!!!
It was eye opening how much I didn't know about myself, Gemma taught me how to cope and deal with situations that would be right out of my comfort zone.
We went through everything from eating mindfully, to walking mindfully even learning how to be kindful.
She is an amazing teacher, who is kind and patient and always wanting to hear feedback from you.
I have learnt so much from her and I'm so pleased I did this course!

Anna Franklin 9th August 2018

5 stars.
From the very start, Gemma put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. Extremely calm and professional, I had a debriefing session on my strengths profile. Gemma has an amazing knack at making you realise your own potential and ways to help yourself. She encourages you to reflect on yourself and make connections in your life that will help you feel more positive and energised. I’ve come away feeling relaxed, uplifted and with clear goals I want to achieve and knowing how to do so. I can’t recommend Gemma enough; she has such a wealth of knowledge and such passion that shines through and makes you want to become your best self.

Toni Swan - February 2020

The 8 weeks of mindfulness course has really helped me look at things in a different way. I have really enjoyed the things to try each week but what I have loved the most about it is how flexible it is. As a full time working mum of 3 life can be hectic but the way this course is set up means I can access it in my own time and complete it at my own pace. So often I'm unable to commit to things I want to do because they don't work around the children but this has been perfect. Thank you Gemma

Amber Guyton - January 2010

I  had coaching with Gemma and it was a fantastic experience focusing on my strengths. Gemma's coaching was very calm, empathetic and open ended, allowing me to realise what I can do, and how to move forward. It's an added bonus being able to keep the profile afterwards too so I can keep referring to it! I would highly recommend the profile and coaching option for everyone, it was so helpful, positive, and eye-opening. Thanks again Gemma!