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CMA Accredited

Mindfulness Teacher


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The Hygge Retreat

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Bsc Hons Psychology

Open University


Cosy Mindful Retreat focusing on hygge and getting you into FLOW.


Tailored Meditations focused on Energy, Positive Psychology and Flow

Reflections, journaling and discussions on increasing your energy, support and coaching from Gemma.

Mindful Yoga from Alex Bannard My Ananda 

I loved being in a group of like minded women and having the time to refocus on my big vision. I loved the guided meditations too


I was relaxed and focused on my strengths and this gave me a sense of inner confidence.


Gemma is very knowledgeable and explained each section of the retreat and linked in her own experiences and the science when appropriate.


Lisa Reynolds

Thank  you so much for the retreat i really enjoyed it, my favourite things about it was spending time with like-minded ladies who were all really inspiring.  You really put me at ease when you made it clear there was no pressure to speak out if  we didn't want to, so thank you for that!


I felt excited to get planning for my business re opening and determined to make meditation and writing a gratitude diary part of my daily routine.  Your recommendation of books are on my amazon wishlist, thank you.


I would most definitely recommend your retreat!


Thanks again Gemma 

Katrina Day

I think my favourite thing about the retreat was all of it...but meeting such wonderful, inspiring women & just feeling the connection with like minded people who think & feel like I do. Hard to create that connection online but you nailed it Gemma.


I felt heard, understood, a sense of belonging, serenity & calm when I left the retreat. 

Just wanted to say that you really do shine your light Gemma. You are engaging & credible & the perfect mix of geeky neuroscience (which I am fascinated by) & spiritual (again unsurprisingly very into!!). Lovely energy & a great combo!

Alex Bannard

Hi, I’m Gemma, I’m an accredited Coach & Mindfulness teacher for Highly Sensitive & Intuitive entrepreneurs who have big ambitious dreams overcome their fears and make a massive impact in the world.


I enable my clients to tap into their potential, understand their strengths,  superpowers and help them to create the business and life of their dreams full of joy and flow. 


After going through anxiety, burnout and low confidence, I discovered I was a Highly Sensitive Person and an Empath. Also after 13 years of study in Psychology, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness & Coaching and becoming a TEDx speaker, I’ve used these same tools myself to to build a life I love.


I did this all in the way that worked authentically for me and my style, strengths and design. I don't like rules and love being able to share my true self every day.