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30th January  1-4pm GMT

The Shine Retreat

Awakening The Energy Within

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Bsc Hons Psychology

Open University


What would it be like to shift to a place flow, creativity and abundance? When we learn about and balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within us we lean into an honouring, a nourishing, an honouring of your body, what it is you need. An honouring of mother earth. Renewed Energy and Balance.

Positive Psychology and Mindfulness techniques call into this balance on both a spiritual and scientific level.


Connecting back to your body and focusing on those nourishing self care practices. It links with Kindfulness and Gratitude too, a thankfulness, a simpleness.


The Divine Feminine feels like a self worship, a deep self love and a nourishment for your body.

Its time to shift the balance, in all of us, to balance that masculine and feminine energy, to honour your body, honour the land, take care of our Earth. This is where the magic happens in your life and business.

I strongly believe through this slowing down and connecting in too we can create so much magic in our life and business especially as highly sensitive people.


This is about wellbeing, this is about living, this is about love, this is about changing the world…

The world is shifting towards the divine feminine and balancing both are key RIGHT NOW.

Join me on this nurturing journey as a theme for the next Shine Retreat, we will meditate, journal and heal together through this journey.

Cosy Mindful Online Retreat


A focus on Awakening and Balancing Energies - An exploration of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and how they help us find FLOW and Balance


Tailored Mindfulness Meditations focused on Positive Psychology and Flow


Reflections, journaling and discussions on increasing your energy with support and coaching from Gemma.


Group Reiki Healing and Group coaching

Safe and supportive small group of like-minded Intuitive Entrepreneurs

Opportunity for further growth and expansion through working with Gemma 1:1

It was a beautiful space, The moment I joined a calmness seeped into me.  I felt instantly peaceful, it was comfortable and relaxed; I seemed to fit in though I consider myself to be a newbie in this area of learning. 

The Reiki Healing took me back in a powerful and positive way. I felt like I had a massive replenishing sleep without sleeping!

Emma Neville

Thank  you so much for the retreat i really enjoyed it, my favourite things about it was spending time with like-minded people who were all really inspiring.  You really put me at ease when you made it clear there was no pressure to speak out if  we didn't want to, so thank you for that!


I felt excited to get planning for my business re opening and determined to make meditation and writing a gratitude diary part of my daily routine.  Your recommendation of books are on my amazon wishlist, thank you.


I would most definitely recommend your retreat!


Thanks again Gemma 

Katrina Day

I think my favourite thing about the retreat was all of it...The Energy, the Cosiness, the Connection. Hard to create that connection online but you nailed it Gemma.


I felt divine! heavenly when I left! Understood, a sense of belonging.

Just wanted to say that you really do shine your light Gemma. You are engaging & credible & the perfect mix of geeky neuroscience (which I am fascinated by) & spiritual (again unsurprisingly very into!!). Lovely energy & a great combo!

Alex Bannard

Hi, I’m Gemma, I’m an accredited Coach & Mindfulness teacher for Highly Sensitive & Intuitive entrepreneurs who have big ambitious dreams overcome their fears and make a massive impact in the world.


I enable my clients to tap into their potential, understand their strengths,  superpowers and help them to create the business and life of their dreams full of joy and flow. 


After going through anxiety, burnout and low confidence, I discovered I was a Highly Sensitive Person and an Empath. Also after 13 years of study in Psychology, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness & Coaching and becoming a TEDx speaker, I’ve used these same tools myself to to build a life I love.


I did this all in the way that worked authentically for me and my style, strengths and design. I don't like rules and love being able to share my true self every day.