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CMA Accredited

Mindfulness Teacher


A unique coaching programme for Intuitive entrepreneurs with Big Dreams. 


 Master your mindset, have at your finger tips a blended science and spirituality toolkit. Focus on Energy management, Law of attraction, Marketing, Money Mindset, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness to create the life and business of your dreams. 

Work with me directly using the ways I've shifted my own life and achieved my big dreams. Learn how to use your sensitivities as superpowers in your business to find soul clients and create the life and business that makes you shine.

Bsc Hons Psychology

Open University


Do you want to create an amazing life and business which brings you abundance and joy every day, rippling out changing the world but all you experience now is a daily pushing through, feeling anxious and hustling to get through it?


You're fed up with going round in circles with your energy and confidence taking 1 step forward and 2 back?


You desire to manage your sensitive superpowers and create the life and abundance you desire?


You have big dreams, you are intuitive, you know you are here to create impact in the world but you're dulling your light? 

Are you ready to have amazing energy, to run an amazing life changing and fun business using your strengths and superpowers?


Its time to finally understand yourself, increase your energy and use your intuition to make positive ripples in your life, business and out into the world.

Imagine getting out of bed in the morning with an incredible daily habit of joy and flow based on the latest neuroscience and your unique incredible style and strengths.

Imagine getting so clear on your messaging that your authentic self shines through and you connect and work with your soul clients.

Imagine finally being able to master your money mindset so that abundance flows freely into your business.

Imagine having so much confidence you can speak with confidence on Lives, videos and on stage, sharing your message and speaking your truth.

*This isn't an off the shelf course, it is my unique offering and blend of 13 years of study and experience for you*

Does this sound good? THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!

The 4 month Coaching Programme includes the following:

Private 1:1 Coaching with me, working through mindset blocks and moving you to a place of action and abundance with my ICF accredited Coaching  

Unlimited Email + Voxer Support from me so you get support as and when you need it

2 monthly group coaching calls over Zoom so you can be inspired, support and move into action with my ICF accredited coaching

High quality training videos, meditations & workbooks so you can work through building the life & business of your dreams and visions

9 Modules of content - taking you from your big dreams & vision, using the latest neuroscience & spiritual techniques, marketing, soul clients and unleashing onto the world with your dreams.

Community for support - a like minded private

community meet your tribe & find answers to move forward

Expert confidence & speaker toolkit -

directly from me as a TEDx speaker so you can speak publicly with ease, flow & confidence

Hi, I’m Gemma, I’m an accredited Coach for Highly Sensitive & Intuitive entrepreneurs who have big ambitious dreams overcome their fears and make a massive impact in the world.


I enable my clients to tap into their potential, understand their strengths,  superpowers and help them create the business and life of their dreams full of joy and flow. 


After going through anxiety, burnout and low confidence, I discovered I was a Highly Sensitive Person and an Empath. Also after 13 years of study in Psychology, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Coaching and Reiki and becoming a TEDx speaker, I’ve used these same tools myself to to build a business and life that I love.


These tools enabled me to leave my 9-5 corporate career and step more fully into my business, using my strengths every day.


I did this all in the way that worked authentically for me and my style, strengths and design. I don't like rules and love being able to share my true self every day.

Since starting my business I've coached hundreds of business leaders and entrepreneurs, taught Mindfulness courses and trained Coaches in furthering their coaching skills. I work with incredible intuitive and passionate entrepreneurs all over the world.

Gemma Sandwell Bsc Hons, Dip Pos. Psych. , ICF ACC,  Mindfulness Teacher, TEDx Speaker

Discovery sessions now available over messenger too! Please pop in the details whether you would like to do this session on a call or messages! Perfect for Introverts and Intuitive Entrepreneurs

Here is a snapshot of the life-changing content to help you shine

Full Access from as little as £222 a month

Module 1


Connecting to your Best Self & Big vision

Starting with you to take action on your

dreams through best self exercises

and strengths tools.

Positive Psychology and Mindfulness exercises to tap into your vision so that you can manifest your dream life, attract wealth and joy with ease.

How to integrate the Science  + Spirituality of the Law of Attraction so you can consciously and subconsciously attract your dream life and business that uses your sensitivities as super powers.

Module 2


Connecting to your Unique Gifts + Superpowers

How to use Positive Psychology Habits so that you can effortlessly connect to JOY + FLOW in your business

How to tap into your strengths daily, be authentically you and apply them to your big vision.

The Highly Sensitive Person Toolkit - How to work with your energy and create more energy to make an impact in the world.


Module 3


Protecting, Clearing, Cleansing your ENERGY to RISE


Creating Boundaries to remain focused on your vision and mission, know your worth and bring joy, flow and wealth into your business.

You become powerfully self compassionate and strong through science & spiritual energy techniques.

Clearing energy & moving into joy so you can regain focus and clarity and switch back into a place of productivity and focus.

Releasing, Journaling + Aligning to your vision.

Your Energy management toolkit to

create more flow in your life, unlocking past conditioning so you can attract abundance & joy with ease & flow.

Module 4


Mindful Magic –  The Shifting Awareness toolkit

Using the science backed methods of Mindfulness for you to learn how to overcome anxiety and shift your mood.

Building your awareness so you can identify your energy and have the tools to take action quickly on early warning signs of stress/anxiety or draining energy.

Recorded and live meditations helping you to build awareness and take mindful action.

Module 5


Kindfulness – Turning Fear to Love for Success

Building on Mindfulness with Loving Kindness and Kindfulness. The Science backed reason for turning fear into love and how this can help your health, energy and business. 

Helping you become a nourished entrepreneur. through compassionate resilience, how turning towards ourselves in times of difficulty can help us move forward as Highly sensitive empaths.


Module 6


Money Mindset and Law of Attraction

The science and spiritual backed methods to understanding and shifting your money mindset so you can attract abundance and manifest the life you deserve. Blending Positive Psychology + Spiritual Techniques.

Processing, releasing and clearing the way for abundance revisiting your big vision.

Module 7


Passion and Purpose – Soul clients and Messaging

Tapping back into your best self with focus on your ideal clients.

Understand soul clients and messaging.

Unlocking happiness and energy building on daily habits for your business.

Overcome your confidence blocks & build a business you love.


Module 8


Launch your dreams

Research and designing around your soul clients and building a business you love.

Joyful Marketing and Selling techniques, how to be magnetic to clients.

Using your Strengths in business to move forward.

Setting structures & plans.

BONUS Module 9


Public Speaking for Success

How to speak publically as an HSP, empath or introvert.

How to do Facebook lives, Speak on stage and do TEDxs.

The Energy management techniques of public speaking

*Plus a Bonus Strengths profile and Strengths Debrief session to use throughout the programme*

"Gemma has helped me out tremendously, she has given me all the tools I need to stay as calm as possible and make the most out of my life. My anxiety has reduced no end. Since lockdown my businesses weren't bringing in money and I was feeling frustrated but with Gemma's coaching I now have the right mindset and i'm bringing money in again. My businesses are back to where they were before lockdown, thank you so much, I thoroughly thoroughly recommend" 


Anna Franklin

Gemma has been an amazing support to me + my business.


Being a sensitive person, an empath + someone who struggles with anxiety + overthinking  she always calms me + I have ideas +steps to take things forward + balance my energy. 


Her meditations are amazing + she's helped me to focus more on my self-care + growth in a nourishing space. 

With Gemma’s expertise, healing abilities, empathic and understanding nature, skills she has learned and desire to see others grow and shine .. she is the ideal coach to help you if you want to shine and grow too! I highly recommend her.

Leanne Connor

"Within 24 hours of working with Gemma I had been able to shift my my mindset. Gemma’s combination of science & spirituality really resonates with me & I just love working with her. I have let go of the fear & doubt & pushy energy has shifted & money & clients are flowing in.

I feel like I have a purpose & more fulfilled than I have in ages...I’m enjoying it so much it doesn’t even feel like work & it’s just amazing to experience & behold! Thank you Gemma for guiding me on this amazing journey!! Love love loving it!!!!           

                     Alex Bannard

What attracted me to working with Gemma was she was a fellow HSP + empath + understood me at my core + what I needed and how I can use my sensitivities to my advantage.


Working with someone who understands me is amazing. Gemma has helped me tap into my intuition + gut + this has helped me make the best decisions on how to grow my business.


I feel very grounded + positive when doing the inner work which is sometimes tough. Gemma has empowered me with what I have learned from her in how to run a business as a HSP. The coaching group are such an amazing group which I have not experienced in the same way before.

Jess Wilkins-Blackburn

Gemma really gets you and understands you, digs deep with you to get to the root of the issue.

She's not afraid of asking challenging questions to get to the root of the issue. Even as a coach myself that understanding of peeling back the layers of self awareness is something she does incredibly well. This is why I chose her as my coach.

I adore that she brings together spirituality and science incredibly well, I have not seen anyone do it better. I would very highly recommend her as a coach.

Kate Carter

" Gemma's coaching has really helped shift my thinking in my Hypnotherapy business.


 I personally like more challenge in coaching and Gemma works with my personal style to help me unlock my thinking.

Gemma is a very patient and  highly intuitive coach, I very much recommend "

Anna Rushmer

Option 1

Self Led

Unlimited access to Shine Academy content 

Access to a private Facebook community for 6 months

Unlimited support and opportunity to ask questions in the group

Strengths Profile + Debrief conversation (when you pay in full)

Option 2


1 x 1:1 90 minute coaching session with Gemma

2 x Monthly group coaching calls in small group

Group Reiki Healing sessions

Unlimited access to Shine Academy content 

Access to a private Facebook community for 6 months

Unlimited support and opportunity to ask questions in the group

Strengths Profile + Debrief conversation (when you pay in full)

Option 3


Monthly 1:1 90 minute coaching session with Gemma

Group Reiki Healing sessions

Monthly Private  Reiki Healing session

2 x Monthly group coaching calls in small group

Unlimited access to Shine Academy content 

Access to a private Facebook community for 6 months

Unlimited support and opportunity to ask questions in the group

Strengths Profile + Debrief conversation (when you pay in full)

Head over to my community for free content and training to find out more about what I do.

Gemma xx