What do you want? The Science of the Law of Attraction

Rate your joy right now, out of 10…10 being the highest. Where are you? What would it take to get to the next number? Or even half a point?

Think of what is the one small step you could take to go up to the next number? Is it a thing, feeling, action, self-care related? Get those happy hormones working.

Why am I talking about joy and asking you to think about this you may wonder. Its not just something nice…its an absolute essential, shown scientifically to be the case and especially if you are interested in the Law of Attraction.

If you want to be bold, you may wish to consider what would raise you two points. If one point is too much, try half a point. What would be that little step?

The Important thing about the Law of attraction is its not just about visualising what you want. You may have heard about vision boards and how they work. It’s not just about visualising your goals, its about being in the energy of already having it. This is really important, rather than focusing on ‘ok... feeling really rubbish right now. I really want that thing over there, so I’m going to visualise it!” It’s not about you’re here and that thing is there, its about already being in the energy of having it. What would it be like if I had it already?

The science behind why this works sit within neuroscience and Positive Psychology. The Reticular Activating System in your brain does not know difference between real and imagined situations. An amazing 96-98% of your behaviour is subconscious. The law of attraction is about flooding your subconscious with the things that we desire. By doing this, our brain doesn’t know diff between real and imagined. Therefore the subconscious will do everything it can to help you achieve it.

It’s all about feeling like we are already there. If I am feeling grateful for already having those clients and being responsible for their development, that will fuel pre-frontal cortex (science of positive psychology), the hippocampus and all the great areas of the brain that help us to learn and grow.

This is the important reason for creating a morning routine, its about getting yourself into that space of joy. Not just for the fun of it but for the amazing effects it will create not only for your well-being but your life and business.

This is also why I talk about a well-being rebellion, if you think of the Law of Attraction, the more you think about sickness, ill-health or a gap the more of that you will attract.

The more you think about the gap of where you are now and where you want to be, the more you will manifest that gap. This is something I’m seeing happening at the moment in society, so many people are manifesting fear across the globe. This has become a perpetuating cycle. Watching the news or the media, going into fear. This fear then gets picked up by friends and family, spreads quickly due to emotional contagion and this is when the fight or flight response flips on in the brain.

Our brain doesn’t know the difference between real and perceived danger so this is when we attack our own immune systems. We crave more sugar, store more fat in our bodies, we are less productive because we are in fear.

It’s simply just our brain trying to keep us safe because we have been in fear, we have manifested fear and it has devastating effects on our mental and physical health.

This is I don’t watch the news. We do have a choice, there are two paths, we can choose to go down fear path impacting on health or choose to think differently about it. Yes be sensible and take precautions, but don’t pass on the fear. For example don’t watch the news then immediately text your friend or ring your mum and tell them about what you have seen. This is how fear spreads, its very contagious!

I also keep hearing at the moment ‘in these difficult times’ . Think about how much manifestation is this creating?

Be aware of what your social media diet and news diet are.

Mindfulness can help here as well. With Mindful awareness we can help understand situations where we have manifested fear and the boundaries we need to create so that we can bring more joy into our lives.

So in summary:

- Law of Attraction is about being in that energy already not just visualisation.

- Stop focusing on the gap and what you don’t have and focus on what you do have.

- Elevate your joy – thinking about what will get you to the next level. Use mindfulness and positive psychology to shift it. Be aware of the language you are using at the moment.

- Be very aware of your social media/news diet – don't go into that fear.

If you would like to know more about The Shine Retreat and my new programme The Shine Academy which brings all of this together please get in touch.

Have a wonderful day!

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