The 3 Stages of an Intuitive Entrepreneur

Which stage are you at? Which ones resonate with you? Being intuitive is an incredible gift, its an absolute superpower and moving through these stages will lead you closer than you think to those big dreams...

Stage 1 – Is complete unawareness, the daily churn of getting up, going to work, coming home, watching TV etc, You may have an innate inner feeling that there is more to life than this but not necessarily know where or how to find it.

At this stage for me I was in extreme anxiety but in complete denial, I used to always say ‘everyone gets nervous’ and I would push through it. Internally I was a mess. Towards the end of stage 1 for me I had learned Positive Psychology and Mindfulness and could start to feel these techniques helping me and I wanted to share them to help others. My team around me were stressed and anxious and I started sharing and trying to help or if you like ‘fix’ others. I found a lot of people who liked to remain in victim mode and actually didn’t want help. (Now I’ve learned my lesson, I only work with those ready to change as I ended up in extreme burnout).

I learned some money stories at this stage in my life too, I learned that if I worked harder I got more money, I used to get up earlier and earlier every day to rush to work to push through and do more and more work. The more work I did the more they gave me until I was overwhelmed with this immense amount of work. I told myself it didn’t matter though because the money and bonuses paid for my holidays and then I could rest I would ‘wait’ to rest.

In Stage 2 if you’re not taking action on Stage 1 then your hand may be forced.

My body forced me into this stage, I had been pushy for so long and denying anxiety “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” but actually my body was killing me I was in fight or flight mode every day. My body thought a tiger was attacking me. Remember the brain doesn’t know different between imagined and real danger. I would go into meetings stressed with extreme imposter syndrome and low self belief and my body and brain saying that I was in danger and needed to run away

When you’re in fight or flight, adrenaline is being pumped out, you may have health issues (tonsillitis was one of my frequent occurrences). Your body is saying stop, this is not growth mindset this is absolute burnout.

I was forced into retreat mode which for a long time felt like I was hiding from the world, it was an absolute necessity for me. I went into guilt, how would I bring in money if I was hiding from the world?

However hiding was one of the best things that happened to me. I stopped pushing and started listening to my body and getting into flow. As soon as I did this money started flowing in, I was truly honouring myself and practicing what I truly preach so I could be my absolute best for my clients.

I stopped filling my days with ‘networking’ or ‘coffee chats’ because I thought that was the way you were supposed to grow your business and I got into flow, I listened to my body and my sensitivity and that’s when everything shifted.

For many of my clients, lockdown has enabled this gentle flow of listening to their bodies, some time to properly slow down and listen.

Then you can move into Stage 3

This is the most exciting stage, you’ve gone through unawareness into awareness. At first this awareness can feel too much as we grow our awareness skills through Mindfulness or realise we are HSP. I remember being able to walk into a room and pick up on toxic energy very quickly, if there were relationships or families where there were unresolved issues I would feel the energy and absorb it and think it was my anxiety.

Moving into stages 2 and 3 were life changing for me in how I learned to protect my energy, clear and process.

See the thing is we’ve been through stages 1 and 2 so we are ready to unleash ourselves on the world, we can truly help people from a place of service when we have true empathy and understanding. We begin to find a balance for where we need to work, how we need to work, setting boundaries and honouring ourselves.

What I thought was a terrible thing having anxiety and absorbing energy was actually a beautiful strength, when I speak to clients, l know what’s going on for them, will feel it and I’m able to use coaching to bring it out. Coaching is great for an Intuitive entrepreneur because its never about giving answers or advice but about empowering others to get there themselves. Using intuition can be really powerful. Even over coaching on messenger I can tap into this intuition.

This is a beautiful journey and we are always shifting and changing and you may move though the stages at different paces and in different ways but its amazing to be in this ever expanding ever changing world where we can shift our states, where we can learn and improve and we can use our incredible superpowers.

How will you use yours? What stage are you at? If this resonates with you and you would like some support moving through the stages book a call with me here to discuss working together.

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