Where psychology has traditionally been about finding out what is wrong with people, Positive Psychology is the opposite. This is about finding out what is right, about people’s strengths and how they can be at their best and perform at their optimum level. I really like this way of thinking and I use this approach regularly in my day to day work. By focusing on peoples strengths in helping them to develop they feel energised and motivated and are more likely to perform better in their roles rather than focusing on things that may drain them or traditionally what we view as their ‘development needs’

Positive Psychology is not about ignoring negative or bad experiences or emotions; it’s actually about recognising those things but ensuring the ratio of positive to negative experiences is tipped towards the positive. Research has found that teams who have more positive than negative experiences are those which perform the best in the organisation and drive the most profitability. Positivity opens up and activates the creative areas of the brain, so those who have a positive mind-set are more open to thinking up new ideas and also better at learning from their mistakes (see link below for more information).

 How could you use Positive Psychology to enhance your team? Improve your leadership style  or be better at coaching? Would you like to see more posts around Positive Leadership or Positive Coaching? Or perhaps we could discuss powerful techniques such as using Gratitude in your everyday lives to experience more Positive Emotion and have protective effects on your wellbeing?


Happy and creative at work: How to maximise your and your team’s creative potential

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