Shine Your Light - Unleash Your Potential

This blog is for you if you have felt like you are dulling your light, you may have felt a bit weird or different, you want to share more of your authentic self but you’re not sure how to and how you can use your strengths.

I wasn’t shining my light for so long, everything shifted for me in 2014 when I studied Positive Psychology. Straight away I wanted to apply what I had learned in the workplace, I felt like I was going to have the best team ever! However, people didn’t want to hear what I wanted to say, they didn’t want my help, they just didn’t want to know. I even shared the hard science about how it shifted people and organisations but a lot of it fell on deaf ears.

I started dulling my light, Mindfulness was a big buzz word as wellbeing approaches were (brilliantly so) coming into workplaces and so I focused just on Mindfulness for a few years, keeping my Positive Psychology skills to myself. Only sharing the Mindfulness part of me, it still made dramatic shifts on peoples lives and wellbeing but I wasn’t sharing all of me.

When I took a leap to move more fully into my business, not only was I firstly only sharing Mindfulness again because I thought it was all people wanted to hear about but I had completely pushed down and dulled down all the amazing work I had done in the corporate world.

I’d coached executives, run coaching training programmes, led the rollout of a Mindfulness programme across 1000 people, I’d done a huge amount of work on leadership development and the design and delivery of training programmes…but I kept all that to myself, I dulled myself right down because the corporate world had led to burnout.

I even did my own psychological research on happiness habits, I was invited to help set up a local leaders in wellbeing event but I took a tiny speaking slot doing some Mindfulness, I didn’t even share my research as I didn’t think I was valuable! It wasn’t until applied for TEDx that I realised this really needed to be shared. I did have a way of looking at wellbeing differently (and the part of me that always knew deep down I was a bit different and that was a good thing sparked my enthusiasm to test it out!).

I didn’t realise but I had built up some incredible skills and not only was I not sharing my full knowledge and qualifications to actually serve and help people but I wasn’t sharing my experience too. My low self esteem and low self belief majorly made me feel like I had to play it small, like I could only have a ‘small business’ because I was highly sensitive and had had anxiety and burnout. I even saw TEDx as something I just did, it was part of my growth, something I tested out but it didn’t mean anything (erm hello!).

This was so far from the truth. Being in lockdown gave me the time to really refocus and reconsider and spend time on my healing, energy work and self development, being bullied as a child was STILL holding me back and I needed to heal that before I could move on. Everything shifted and this was at the point I designed the Shine Academy and my Patreon membership, it feels so good to share all of me with the world! I now don’t hold back, I share messages that come through me (yep sometimes they are bigger than me, I am just the messenger! And I share all of my experiences and skills, why wouldn’t I not share something that would help people?).

So how can you Shine your light?

1. Find out your Strengths – when we use our Strengths we go into a flow state and increase the happy chemicals in our brain, we are being our best selves every day and we can find ways to manage our energy to keep our elevated state as well as be more productive and creative.

2. Build Mindfulness Habits – Build an early awareness of where you may need to set boundaries and what situations drain and energise you, you can take action off this mindful awareness to really set the wheels in motion for how you want to Shine your light. Remember Mindfulness is not just about wellbeing, it can also help us take clear forward momentum on our big dreams and goals.

3. Consider what boundaries you need to set to enable you to Shine, what energises and drains you, how and when do you need to work? What conversations do you need to have with those around you. Remember putting yourself first is not selfish, its actually in service of those around you, friends, family and clients, its actually a responsibility, not just a nice to have.

4. Choose joy – boundaries set, clear out anything that’s not needed then move into a state of joy ask yourself ‘what would give me the highest joy and excitement right now?’ then go do it! Think of 10 things you are grateful for on a walk, or write them in your journal. Put reminders on your phone if you need to remind yourself to flip into a joy state. Our brains are wired to keep us safe but we can totally choose not to go along with this! It will become a habit! This is important if you want to manifest too and you love the law of attraction, it’s the high emotion that manifests, not just visualisations.

5. Sorry got to be said…stop watching the damn news!! Yes go and educate on reputable websites but remember the media keeps us in a fear state, its how news sells/spreads and our good old cavemen brain loves it so please stop it!

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