Crazy idea or a great way to think about personal growth?

So who hasn’t got a website these days? The countless amount of people selling, promoting and information sharing online. I was recently lucky enough to go to TedX Norwich and there was a bit of a theme about how there are a lack of coders and how people could develop into a career in coding…

 It really got me thinking, website development is popping up everywhere, how could we apply the thinking behind the coding to our own personal development? A mad idea perhaps?

Stick with me, so the end result of developing a website is building code which enables a site to be functional. The more coding that is put into the site the better the website and potentially more successful and profitable. 

 How can we program our own internal code in the same way we would a website? Perhaps Positive Affirmations or Mindfulness could be our own coding. We could practice and ‘build’ in the brain to make us become more functional and successful in the same way we would build code for our sites?  When there is an error with our site coding we work tirelessly to fix the bugs and create our perfect site, how could we apply these principles to self development?

What do you think and how could you programme your own internal code?


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