Powerful techniques of Managing energy and setting incredible Boundaries

Energy management and boundaries comes up frequently with my incredible clients.

This is for you if big dreamer/visionary who want to do incredible things with life and you know you were brought to this planet to make a difference, you have always felt different, as a child you felt different or weird. You don't like small talk.. You would rather talk about the universe and big things!

You find push-pull happening within you, one part loves helping people and you are on a mission to change the world. You have big dreams but the other part of you feels burnt out, stressed anxious and you are a highly sensitive person.

Your life and business becomes a push-pull between ‘yeah gonna go for it’ and being a big dreamer and then it becomes overwhelming and you need additional recharge time.

Do you feel a bit stuck between these things?

Working on your goals, building your business, being in place of service but you struggle between push-pull because not sure when to push and use energy within you to achieve dreams, take aligned action and retreating.

Energy management for me was the missing piece of my puzzle and this is also what led me to becoming attuned to Reiki healing. I had skills in Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and Neuroscience and these really helped but they didn’t work specifically on how my energy would be wiped when I went to busy places and absorbed energy from other, it was the missing piece for me being a Highly Sensitive Person.

The neuroscience approaches had been fuelling my brain, if we start out day preloaded with positive emotion we know from the science of positive psychology that this creates resilience so whatever life throws at us our brain is full of fuel. We know now that ‘what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger’ phrase is actually not quite true...we build resilience through compassion and positive emotion towards ourselves and this is backed by the science of Positive Psychology.

However I needed boundaries as well as managing my energy (a car tank still gets empty if you drive for longer distance is my analogy!). My lowest point was ending up at the Doctors with my anxiety, I didn’t think there was another way and unfortunately the doctor simply prescribed me beta blocker to take to ‘numb’ the sensations so I could continue to push on through London. I’m not saying there isn’t a place for medication but I knew there had to be another way, a sustainable way.

I stopped working in London so much, I set a firm boundary there and I went on a mission for how I could clear the energy out that I picked up. This is where the energy management piece became really important. Especially as a highly sensitive person, I had tried to imagine I was protected, surrounded by a bubble, taking crystals out with me but nothing seemed to work, I was too highly sensitive. I had such big dreams for the business and life I wanted to build and was so fed up of being drained. I used to get stuck in self awareness loops with the anxiety, why is it here? Instead of simply focusing on clearing out as most of the time it wasn’t even my anxiety, someone’s I had picked up.

This is why we use clearing and grounding techniques in the Shine Academy and my membership, such an important tool for Highly sensitives.

A few tips to get you started:

1.Rather than blocking the energy, imagine it washing through you and light clearing your body, you can actually do this in the bath or shower and let the water take the negative energy away and clear it.

2.Listen to your body and intuition, do the decisions you are making fill you with excitement? What is your intuition saying? If its saying no then you are likely to feel more drained, this is when the boundary/rest/recharge is important.

3. Pre fuel yourself everyday with positive emotion, thinking of 3 things (or more you’re grateful for, even watching a funny you tube video to get some laughter!) so that you build compassionate resilience rather than a gritty pushing through.

When you manage the energy and the boundaries are set, its an incredible gift, it allows you to tune into your intuition without noise and be in a place of service as you can help empower others (no not fix them, empower them) through using this incredible skill.

I’m sure you have heard me talk about before when I saved my family using my intuition as a child, its an incredible gift, you just need to be gentler to yourself and by slowing down this is how you speed up, this is how you achieve those big dreams.

Clear that shit out, set your boundaries, say no when your intuition tells you to, be bold with it and go fly!

If you need any support reach out to me.

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