New Year Magic Manifesting

This blog is all about focusing forward on the year ahead, this is the perfect opportunity to stop, come inwards & think about what we want to manifest for the new year.

I’m going to bring together the science as well as spiritual elements of manifesting and Law of Attraction, really dive into that blend and how it can help us to manifest great things and be our best selves as we go into the New Year.

So a story I want to share with you is I learnt a little about manifesting when I was in my corporate career. I knew I wanted to move fully into my business, I knew what I wanted to manifest. I was determined that I was going to do it and make it happen. I wrote myself a letter and put the company header on it, it was a letter confirming the end of my employment, I dated it and I saved it to my laptop and printed it out. I kept looking at it determined for it to happen.

However what happened was that date came and went, I was so frustrated, I was in despair, why hadn’t it happened?!

One of the main things was I was seeing a gap between where I was at and where I wanted to be, you know the usual old school coaching methods, what’s the gap, how do you fill it? Etc etc…

Anyone who knows about the works of Abraham Hicks, seeing a gap simply manifests more lack, so this is what I was doing, becoming aware of the gap and seeing it more and more and then frustrating myself in loops of despair. I was sending out vibrations of fear the more and more I saw the gap instead of stepping into the place of already being there. On a Positive Psychology level I also wasn’t stepping into the place where I could release happy hormones from my brain which would fuel me with creative thought and possibility and also shut down that fear!

Without intentionally knowing all this I though, screw this! I am just going to enjoy the moment and I started just enjoying every day and being present. I set boundaries with my boss around where I would work and I stepped into the space of being an Entrepreneur, taking more control over my day and where, when and how I worked. This is when everything shifted for me unknowingly, I had stepped into the vortex, I had stepped into the space I needed to be in for everything to change. The signs came in and I took aligned action and was able to make the leap!

The other thing I realised is that I’m a non specific manifester in my human design. I had gone in with a limited understanding of manifestation and had made it really detailed when that didn’t work for my design. It was more about the feelings of already being in that space that shifted everything for me, when I started to act like an Entrepreneur. It was stepping into that space, as an Entrepreneur, as a leader, what sort of things did I do, what did I wear, what did I eat? How did I nourish my body and then the feelings that came with that followed and moved me into the vibrational space. I cant even remember thinking wow this feels so good I don’t know if I want to change it and bosh the change happened for me.

If you are a specific manifester (get in touch with me if you would like me to help you find out) then you can go to town on the details, vision board etc, lots of specific dates and visuals.

So onto some science around why this works. So the Reticular Activating System in our brains (RAS) is continuously on a subconscious level manifesting things and bringing them into our world, we are in that mode all the time. The RAS does not know the difference between real and imagined experiences and what we put into it we manifest into our lives. When we flood brain with feelings or visions of what we desire in our lives, your brain sees your vision, sees you in that space.

Let’s say you are manifesting being at the beach, your brain sees in your vision at the beach and this starts to create something called cognitive dissonance. It’s like your brain goes hang on, we think we are at the beach, but we are not there? The it creates a bit of discomfort and this consciously and subconsciously makes us take action on our goals. Manifestation is not just about being sat there and everything just happens, we need to take aligned action too. When we create cognitive dissonance it also creates some safety for our brain. A lot of the time we don’t take forward action on our goals because our brain doesn’t feel safe (safety is the main one for a lot of situations that play out). When we flip this through manifesting we can think about and reflect on why its safer to achieve our goals than not achieve them i.e. its safer for me to bring in clients because I become financially secure.

When we go into this space, I’m going to get super geeky here, we impact on the quantum field. It is mind blowing the experiments that have taken place which show us what happens in the quantum when we manifest and set intentions.

I read about the Robot and Chick experiment by Rene Peoc’h a French researcher in Joe Dispenza’s book ‘Supernatural’. I remember reading this in my garden over the summer, stopping, my jaw dropping open and having to read it over and over again. So the experiment shows how we are all connected through the collective consciousness, even thing/objects we wouldn’t normally say would have a consciousness actually appear to!

The experiment showed that when you place a random movement controlled robot in a pen it will do random movements to the left and right of the pen. When you place a baby chick next to the pen, the baby chick is sending out the intention of ‘mama’ in chick language as they do! When the chick is next to the robot pen…what they have found it incredible! The chick sending out the intention next to the robot actually impacts on the robots movements.

The supposedly programmed random movement robot starts to only do random movements on the side of the pen where the chick is! Incredible mind blowing research!

Everything is connected, everything has a consciousness. So have a think, what can you influence? What intention are you sending out into the field right now?

Everything is made of atoms, when we look at an atom on a scientific basis, the matter appears when an electron is created in the atom. It has been found by quantum science that the electron ONLY appears if the atom is observed. So the actual intention affects the make up of the matter/structure. It is the intention and paying attention to it which creates it. We are manifesting constantly and we have to be so careful right now, what intentions are we sending out in to the field? Who are we speaking to? What conversations are we having? What topics? Its all going to be manifesting back.

If we are going into fear or overwhelm, especially as highly sensitive people, absorbing from others too we could be manifesting more of that into our world, even watching and listening to the media, hearing others talk about it, its all sending that intention out. I strongly feel that we need to take responsibility for this as a collective, to really shift what is going on in the world right now. I feel that not enough responsibility and understanding is taking place. Its time to step up!

There is a responsibility for clearing out energy and processing our triggers, its not all about light and love, its about clearing and moving to a space of high vibration and we know what that’s important too from the science of Positive psychology.

So some tips to take away

- Step into the space of already having what you desire, use Mindfulness to tune into where you are at and what you need

- Go into either the feelings or specifics of what you desire to manifest (ask me if you are not sure if you are specific or non-specific)

- Take responsibility for your clearing, healing and processing (I use Reiki in all my programmes to help clear energy, give me a shout if you want to know more). Take responsibility for shifting this world, shifting the collective, its all powerful stuff, manage your thought/conversations carefully!

What could you do? What will you bring in for 2021?

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Gemma xx

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