What is Positive Coaching?

With the traditional model of coaching some of you may be familiar with focuses on the process of working out what goal is to be achieved and how to get to that goal ‘B’ from current place ‘A’ and the gap between A and B. It looks at what’s missing from A to get to B in a gap analysis process. Sometimes the GROW (Goal, reality,options, wrap up) model is used to account for the gap and the ways to get to the goal.

Positive Coaching is about what works well at A, what strengths are being used and how can you use these great things that are happening to get you to your goal? It also focuses on the Positive emotion of achieving that goal. The GROW model can also be used but with a positive coaching twist. I.e when I personally do Positive Coaching the reality and options focus on strengths, values and some wins around the goals and looking at how to leverage those further. I might even use a few Positive Psychology inventories such as R2 Strengths profiler or a Relationship mapping wheel and I would ask the coachee to think about how it would feel when they achieve their goal.

The positive coach also keeps his/her research up to date with the latest Positive psychology science and makes a commitment to truly

practice what he/she preaches in terms of applying Positive psychology practices to their own life such as focusing on leveraging strengths and having their own Positive goals. (Oh and the picture on the post is a picture hanging on my wall in the bedroom that I wake up to every day, gets me thinking about my Positive Goals! It wasn’t intentional I just liked the picture in the shop!)

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