Could we do more?

Not so long ago at work I went on a mental health awareness session for managers, whilst it was a very informative session I couldn’t help but think it was very deterministic. Once a person in your team has a mental health problem you can do X Y and Z and treat it with drugs. Yes once you have this situation it is great to be aware of what to do but…could we actually do more about depression, stress and anxiety as workplaces, governments and healthcare systems? 

Positive psychology research shows us that gratitude may be just as powerful as anti depressants and we know that Mindfulness practice shrinks an area called the amygdala in the brain which plays a vital role in negative emotion. The NHS prescribe 8 week mindfulness programmes now due to this scientific finding. Whilst this is a great step in the right direction… What if we could use positive psychology to leverage strengths, positive emotion and foster positive climates in workplaces, schools and society? What if we could actually make a difference between someone having a mental health issue and flourishing in their daily lives and living their lives to the fullest?

Also it’s worth thinking about the financial implication, recent stats show that mental health costs the UK tax payers £70 billion a year and with costs to businesses also stacking up paying sick pay for those unable to come to work…surely we all have not only a moral obligation to do something about this but surely investing in wellbeing and using positive psychology to enable people to flourish makes business sense?

What do you think? Would you like to know more about how we can use positive psychology and mindfulness to create resilience against depression,stress and anxiety?


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