Into the Shadows! Why is Shadow work important?

So Shadow work is something I’ve worked with for a while and is part of the Shine Academy programme, it’s been an integral part of my journey into being my absolute best self in life and business.

Lately I’ve found it’s a topic that has had a lot of noise recently and this I believe is because of where we are globally on an energetic level and what is shifting in terms of consciousness with more and more people awakening. A significantly large proportion of people are getting triggered by each other and by global events and this is where shadow work comes in and really helps us to shift and grow.

The last few months I’ve done a significant amount of shadow work with the life changes I have been through and it has helped me massively, I’m even a little addicted to digging deeper and doing personal growth, some may say that’s sad but I love it! It is a journey rather than a destination.

I used to have a very different life, in the last couple of years literally everything about my life has changed. I used to have extreme anxiety and it held me back, I thought I was resigned to this life that I had even though I had big dreams and goals. Shadow work was part of this process of clearing that anxiety so I could step into my truth and this is how everything began to shift.

Th duality we see in society is a problem, I’m going to call it out, there is one side where it’s almost like anxiety is a badge of honour and its okay to be in victim mode, its okay to play it small and resign yourself to your life being this way. Then this other side which is light washing, putting a sticky plaster over anything negative and making it all love and light fake positive thinking. Shadow work is the middle ground, the alchemy of the two, recognising our emotions, recognising our triggers and then using them to move forward. This is the real truth about how we move into high vibration, not through love and light.

Yes it’s okay not to be okay but if you really have those big dreams and goals for how your life is going to be then alchemise these gifts using shadow work, the neuroscience backs this up too for the high vibrational state you then achieve as on a conscious and subconscious level you are stepping out of fear.

So how does Shadow work help on a neuroscientific level? Do ever feel like you are manifesting but it’s not working? Shadow work could be the answer. We manifest from our subconscious as well as our conscious mind. If we are not digging deep and looking into the subconscious then we may be missing something which we are unintentionally manifesting.

The Reticular Activating System in the brain, does not know the difference between real and imagined events, whatever we put into this part of the brain it creates cognitive dissonance affectively saying to us on a subconscious level ‘hang on we aren’t here yet’ so helps you take conscious and subconscious action into bringing that thing into your reality. If you aren’t looking into the subconscious then you could be manifesting what is in there rather than the things you are consciously focused on. 95-98% of our behaviour is subconscious so its super important we look into it.

For example I may be manifesting a holiday, I’ve followed all the techniques from ‘The Secret’ I’ve got a vision board, I’m doing affirmations and I’m feeling great but on some level I may actually have a fear of going on holiday, my brain might want to keep me safe and deep in my subconscious mind I feel unsafe, or maybe subconsciously I don’t feel worthy enough of having a holiday, perhaps I don’t feel like I’ve worked hard enough yet and there is some conditioning in there about work hard play later.

This is also how we get into high vibration, if we can look at what is in our subconscious and clear it through shadow work we become a clear channel and raise our vibration in a way that is sustainable and we have done the inner work rather than light washing.

So some tips on shadow work:

What negative emotions or triggers are you experiencing?

How do those things serve you? Think again! (a lot of my clients say of course I don’t want X but dig deeper on some level it is serving you or keeping you safe).

How might your brain be trying to keep you safe?

What are you non-intentionally manifesting into your reality?

I’ve been able to clear a lot of my anxiety, self worth and judgement from these techniques, a lot of it was conditioning from my childhood which I was able to rewrite. On some level I was desiring anxiety because it kept me safe, it got me help, it helped me rest, it helped me even eat chocolate and drink wine so of course it was serving me on some level! I was desiring to play small and not have high self worth cos again it kept me safe and small and if I was judged by others I could play it small too which of course was safe on some level. Releasing these things has shifted my reality, shifted and changed my entire life and moved me into a place of ease, abundance and flow in my business.

What could you do? If you need some support please reach out or join the community!

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