If you want to be happy be a tree..

So what has a tree got to do with happiness?

So you might wonder, why is my branding a tree? Perhaps I just liked the picture, the nature element? Perhaps because it represented the ‘Branch’?

No, I can tell you the roots (no pun intended) go deeper than this. It all started on my 30th birthday when my sister in law bought me a beautiful necklace with a picture of an oak tree on it. It came with a card ‘You remind me of a tree, you are always growing and looking for new things to learn, you reach out and support people and you are a calming influence, you try and remain optimistic a lot and this represents how the tree reaches up to the light’

Okay so then came the tears, I was so touched by this and it evoked an emotion in me that I thought hey you know what? I need to help people feel like trees! I was studying mindfulness at the time and the grounded nature of the tree really represented for me the centred feeling that mindfulness has brought to my life.

So I started to think about how I could do this, and turn it into something really great where I could maximise the potential to help people..

And then I heard a story, a story that was incredibly powerful and symbolic. The story is about hurricane Katrina. In hurricane Katrina, there was mass devastation, homes gone, lives lost, areas completed wiped out. But something quite unusual happened... when they returned to the areas days after the hurricane people noticed something very strange...

Amongst the devastation, there were trees still standing!! They couldn’t understand why this was until they realised the roots of the trees were all connected underground, connected to each other holding each other up against the storm. This for me highlighted the importance of social connection and kindness and how we can hold each other up and help us be resilient and ultimately happier when we face challenges in life.

So let’s all be trees! I’m on a mission through the Happiness branch to help as many people as possible to be more like trees, get in touch if you think I can help.

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