How to Sell as an Introvert - A Guest Blog By Amanda Smith

So, I hear it all of the time from my clients! “I hate sales!”

I get it! As an introvert, I hate sales too.

Don’t get me wrong. I love coaching. I love teaching. And, I absolutely love working with my clients. But, the sales part has always been something that makes me cringe.

However, we do have to make sales if we want to have a business.

So, now we have a dilemma. How do we sell if we hate selling?

In my 20 years as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned how to turn a “sales call” into an entirely different experience inside my mind.

It’s really all perception and mindset, when it comes down to it.

I’m going to give you my 5 key tips, below, for how to sell as an introvert entrepreneur.

These are so good, it won’t even feel like selling

1. Give yourself time to recharge.

Introverts need time to reset their energy. Make sure you plan time in between calls and don’t schedule too many in one day. Avoid burnout by managing your time.

2. Focus on the relationship.

Focusing on building relationships vs sales can help you forget about the outcome (i.e. asking for money) and just focus on having a genuine interaction.

3. Use your listening skills.

Most people think of salespeople as talkers. Nothing can be further from the truth. Chatty salespeople are often a turnoff to buyers. People like to be heard, not talked at. Introverts are natural listeners, so just be yourself and listen…ask questions and encourage others to talk.

4. Don’t focus on selling, focus on consulting.

If you’re like, and introvert who hates sales conversations, focus on just having a consultation instead of a sales call. Listen to your buyer, ask them questions, educate them, share your expertise, and most of the time those who are interested will ask you how they can work with you…and you won’t even have to ask them for the money.

5. Don’t be afraid to close the sale.

A lot of introverts think they are being aggressive or pushy by asking for the sale. But, asking for a yes or no answer is not being pushy or aggressive. You can’t get business if you don’t ask for it. If you’ve followed the above advice, this part really takes care of itself though. If it’s a yes, great! If it’s a no, don’t worry about it. Focus on providing value and just realize a no sometimes means someone isn’t ready, you aren’t a good fit, or they have other things going on that have nothing to do with you. I use attraction marketing, as an introverted entrepreneur, and I find it is the best strategy for myself and other introverts. If you want to learn strategies for getting clients, managing your energy, growing confidence, and creating a successful business as an introvert check out Introverts in Business.

Amanda Smith is an author, coach, podcaster, entrepreneur, and an introvert. She is passionate about helping introverts to thrive and unleash their superpowers in business and in life. Find out more about Amanda at

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