How Strengths can help us be at our best

The way our brains are wired is to protect us from harm, but this does not serve us in modern day life. Fight or flight mode is only actually really helpful when there is actual danger, not the perceived danger we feel with stress and anxiety most of the time.

What can we do about it? This is where Positive psychology comes in and is how we can change our lives. By tapping into Positive Emotion on a daily basis we fuel our brains, lighting them up, closing down the fight flight mechanism and enabling us to have more creative and productive power.

We reach a bit of a sticking point with this though, our conditioning, our societies, our medical models, a lot of our lives are built around the concept of the brain protecting us from harm. We aren’t really getting the best out of ourselves. To step into this place we need to build habits which build our resilience through positive emotion piece by piece and this is where our strengths can help us.

Using our strengths has shown with neuroscience to shift us on a structural level in the brain and I personally have used strengths with 1000s people all over the world to transform their lives and businesses since 2014 as well as applying to my own life daily and even big life events!

Now you may have heard the phrase strengths and you might be thinking well it's something I'm good at or links to the gym like building up your strength! The definition of a strength is something that you are good at, find energising and use often. The key thing here is energising, when we do something we find energising and it gives us joy this is what is lightning up our brain regions such as the prefrontal cortex and shutting down our fight/flight response. Also life is short, why would you not do things that light you up?! Bring you joy?

What are the things that you love doing? If you could design your day around joy what would that look like?

What are the things in your business you love doing?

Everyone has different strengths and this can be amazing to see how many different strengths we have, there were loads in the community last year when we did a strengths spotting exercise!

This is what bothers me about the coaching world, coaches not coaching and giving advice. Everyone’s way of doing something will be different and strengths is how you can align it to you. This is why we use Strengths along with Human Design in The Shine Academy, to empower you to build your life and business in a way that bring YOU joy not someone else!

And it's by tapping into that unique way that we really take to start to take strides, this is how my clients and myself have shifted so much!

When I did my TEDx, I tapped into one of my top strengths of growth, I was there to grow from my own perspective and to help the audience grow too. I didn’t follow that advice of the ‘generic’ public speaking tips, I went with my own way and followed what lit me up, that is what got me on the stage that day. What things do you have to do? They could be big events or even smaller things on your to do list…How could you tap into joy to get them done? How could you use a strength?

On a live training recently I used an example of doing accounts and tax returns, perhaps this does not light you up but perhaps you are creative so could you make the spreadsheet pretty colours, put on fun music, alternate some spreadsheet work with some work that does light you up to balance it out?

We don’t have to push on through and be gritty here, we really don’t! It’s okay to get help too, you will probably find someone out there who has strengths where you have weaknesses and will love those things you hate!

I’d recommend journaling about what lights you up, what brings you joy, what are the things you tap into here? How could you apply these to other tasks throughout your day? What help do you need?

If you would like a Strengths Profile or need some support feel free to reach out to me 😊

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