How's your Battery? Why Energy management is important #bemoreduck

One thing I hear very commonly is the use of mindset, happiness and self-care techniques to manage energy only when things aren’t going so well. I hear this a lot with clients, knowing you have the tools to pull on when the sh*t hits the fan is great but it’s really important to consider using these techniques when things are going well too, I’ll explain why and how this relates to energy management.

Would you let your phone battery get to 0%?

Most of us wouldn't yet this is what we do with our energy, when I talk about Energy Management I don't just mean self care bubble baths or getting sleep either.

As a Highly Sensitive person and empath Energy management was the missing piece of the puzzle for me with overcoming my extreme social anxiety, taking the leap from my corporate job full time into my business and doing my TEDx.

Firstly I’m going to talk about this pre-loading, charging your battery if you will. Why is this important? We are going to focus in on love, kindness and gratitude here. Did you know focusing on these things regularly actually fuels your brain? Yes your brain has more fuel and can do more because you are tapping into positive emotion, this is the basis for the research behind Positive Psychology. So when the sh*t does hit the fan, it will be easier to navigate because your battery is full. This is where I believe a lot of wellbeing ‘structures’ and help go wrong, they focus in on having an issue and how to fix it, how to overcome stress or anxiety etc but not actually focusing on the necessity of keeping that battery charged up everyday.

Simply thinking about things you are grateful for every day, not only fuels your brain in this way keeping you resilient (because my lovelies, this is how we build resilience, through positive emotion, not through grittiness as society leads you to believe!). See if you can build in 3 gratitude’s every day, or more if you can! At one speaking event I had one person thought of 60!

We can also tap into love frequency here and this will help us, just simply bring your awareness to your heart centre, taking a few breaths (you can even do this right now). Expand your heart energy throughout your body and out in the room and out into the world. The Heart Math Institute ( has also shown the scientific basis for heart frequency and heart energy and I have taken part in a global heart meditation with 40000 other people which appeared to shift the frequency of the planet in the Schumann resonance (see heart math data!). Super cool!

Heart resonance is also effectively what Kindfulness is, when we bring love and kindfulness into Mindfulness, those who have done Shine Academy or my Mindfulness course will know this concept well. We can use Mindfulness here too, if your mind starts to wander from your heart simply guide it back, it doesn’t matter how many times you need to do this. Trust me the amount of times I’ve started thinking about what I’m having for dinner mid meditation!

So it’s important as well as focusing on what fuels us as a pre loading for our energy, to build our resilience with techniques like gratitude and love/kindfulness but its important to think about Energy Management in other ways too as there are so many facets.

Lets start with what happens when we are not managing our energy. So I just bring this to life a bit. I used to be really rubbish at managing my energy. I got to the point where I had such bad social anxiety, I couldn't speak in a group of six people, let alone do my TEDx in front of thousands of people!

My anxiety was so bad I used to cry most days and working in my corporate job in London while I ran my business on the side was near impossible. I had to make the choice week by week of working or a social life, I couldn’t have both, by the time the weekend hit I was so burned out, I was so ashamed that at my age I didn’t have the energy to see my friends that I didn’t feel they would understand, so I had to make up excuses or pretend I was physically ill.

Enough was enough so I took myself off to the doctors for help, the doctor prescribed me beta blockers and told me to take them and they would numb everything I was feeling so I could carry on and sent me on my way.

I remember the moment now of sitting in car and realisation, something in my soul telling me that being sensitive was an amazing thing and why would I need to block it? There must be another way and I ripped up the prescription at that moment and chose a different way. I may not have known exactly how at the time but making that choice was so significant and a few months down the line it also helped me make the leap from corporate into business full time.

I’m not saying there isn’t a place for drugs, there is in some cases but there is another way, a more sustainable way, a way to be you!

When we understand out human design this can really help here too. The reason I was in so much anxiety is because I was pushing through the ‘NO’ my body was giving me, it was feeling overwhelmed and I was pushing it further, I was going running telling myself that exercise is good for mental health but of course as I was pushing that to it was making my adrenal fatigue worse and was even making me gain weight!

When we give ourselves the chance to slow down and listen we can really start to tune in with our bodies. If we are sacral authority in our human design we actually have huge amounts of energy that needs to be used up, our bodies need to move and by being still we can get back in touch. I now have loads of energy and follow my sacral yes and this gives me more energy and enables me to do lots of things, I also move my body a lot, walking, dancing and yes running, I am able to run again because I have sorted my energy!

It’s the same for using our Strengths too, check out my free training on Strengths over in the community if you haven’t already seen it (there is also a strengths podcast in the Happy Calm and Flow Membership). If we are following what lights us up and using our strengths we are also sprinkling in additional positive emotion to fuel our brains even more. In Shine Academy we look at your strengths and habits and even how to build a business around your strengths, it’s such a powerful tool!

If you think about high energy negative states like anxiety its simply fight or flight mode, your body is trying to protect you from harm so is closing down all of the useful functions like logical thinking and digestion and getting you ready to move, releasing loads of adrenaline into your body. In this state because anxiety is a high energy state we need to move our body so we are simply using the anxiety as fuel and then if we are either preloaded or tapping into Positive Psychology states in the meantime we are also fuelling our brain as well as switching off the fight flight mode.

If you have ever seen a swan or duck get into a fight you will know what I mean, afterwards they flap their wings and naturally release the excess energy, for some reason humans have moved away from this natural technique (#bemoreduck). I personally love to have a good dance around my kitchen (no before you think it, not like a duck!)

Another thing to consider here is setting boundaries and this is topic for another blog entirely, however we can manage our boundaries by moving out of people pleasing as this is an energy leak, tuning in with the energy of our interactions and checking in if we are taking too much responsibility to trying to ‘fix’ others. If we take on too much and become overwhelmed then we may need to clear energy and this is how energy work like Reiki can help us immensely as well as my Energy Clearing meditation, just ask if you would like a copy.

So managing our energy is about so much more than feeling energised, needing sleep or having self care like bubble baths, it’s about fuelling our brains to be the best we can be, setting firm boundaries and using our anxiety in moving our bodies. If you start to implement these techniques you’ll start to feel fabulous! Let me know how you get on.

We have a whole module on Energy management in Shine Academy too plus you will receive Reiki healing and Energy Clearings as standard, find out more here xx

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