How JOY helps us find Flow and why it's MAGIC

Finding Joy and leading you to flow can completely change your life, it's made some massive shifts in mine taking me from unhappiness, extreme stress and anxiety to setting up The Happiness Branch and creating a life and business filled with flow and joy.

This blog is for you if you if you want to get into flow, you want to be productive and get stuff done, you may feel like you want to almost bend time as you’re a big dreamer with big goals and a never ending to do list! You want to be in a place where you are truly flourishing, working through your to do list in way that brings joy, taking forward action in your business and creating incredible content from place of flow.

You usually find that things take you away from this state of joy as well, you might want to start the day with good intentions of getting loads done/plan in place but stuff happens, especially when you are highly sensitive which disrupts your day and holds you back in some way.

Taking it back to basics, who doesn’t want joy and happiness? Even taking away the incredible benefits and science, being happier, who doesn’t want that right?

So the guy who coined the term ‘flow’ was Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, he had an interest in psychology and art and studied artists and found they would experience more joyful flow state when creating art than upon completion. Finishing the art wasn’t important to whole process, it was not destination but journey for these artists. Some would work into the night creating their masterpieces and then throw them away! It wasn't the art and outcome that was important, but being in that flow state.

I've experienced it fully myself when making bunting for my wedding (100 metres in fact!. At the time of the wedding I was going through a stressful time with my corporate job, I wasn’t experiencing a joyful state very often.

When I tapped into the creative parts of planning the wedding, this put me into flow state. Creativity is one of my top strengths, not only did I get into flow and joy states but it was amazing stress relief.

What gets you into flow? What are the things you love doing that you find energising?

So how does joy create flow? As you know I am a science geek and like to blend science and spiritual, when you are in state of joy you are elevating your emotion (high vibration if you like). This can really shift your life and is what I talked about in TEDx, in fact the state of flow enabled me to have the confidence to do TEDx. Which I never thought I could do.

So when you are in an elevated positive emotional state, you start to get your brain neurons firing, happy chemicals being released, fuelling your brain and helping you to flourish.

Shawn Achor who’s research I replicated and talk about in my TEDx, even found these states they had impact on sales in business. This makes sense to me on a scientific if you apply happy hormones to your life, its like taking a drug but in a healthy and sustainable way that is creating a new brain pathway.

You are growing your grey matter in the areas of the brain needed for focus, creativity, productivity and closing down the fight/flight response. Therefore of course we can make more sales as we have increased creative potential, can do more with less time and we don’t get side swiped by our stress and anxiety.

There are a lot of people in fear state at the moment, watching the news, reading articles and suddenly the hours/day is lost. Productivity is lost because of fear state, our natural state is flourishing. Just because we have these structures from cave man time such as the amygdala in our brain which doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined danger. We watch the news and think a tiger is attacking us, so our bodies get us ready to fight or run away and bye bye productivity!

This can also affect us through recycled negativity. Your mother watched the news and then calls you to tell you what she has seen, how many of you have had something similar happen?

I felt myself go into a the first glimmer of a fear state recently, a routine eye test resulted in me being referred to the hospital. The optician was more like a robot than a human and didn’t deliver the message very well after humming and harring at my eye scan for a few minutes! I used Mindfulness to naturally tune in with the fact my eyes were welling with tears and my chest was starting to feel tight. I connected in with gratitude of how incredible technology was and that I had been to optician. Then on the way home in the car, I had a cry, I released the emotion. I got home and had a lovely cup of tea and nourishing lunch, then I thought about how I could do my work that afternoon in a really nourishing way, using my strengths and cosiness to increase my happy hormones. I got back into flow having released the emotion (check out my other content for releasing energy, we delve deep into this in The Shine Academy too).

What’s really important here is tapping into joy and flow in a way that works for you, flow is unique to you are depends on your unique strengths and human design. I’m a manifesting generator so fun and flow are important for me. This is why I learned reiki because having a technique to clear energy and then move into flow and fun is so important especially as a highly sensitive person.

So have a think about, what are your strengths and human design? What's important to you for joy, fun and flow?

How can you clear, express emotion, clear your energy field and move into a state of joy and flow? What would you need to release?

If you need any support, reach out to me or book a call, I am running the next round of the Shine Academy in the new year, if you want to get on the waitlist, details and application here


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