How 8 Weeks of Mindfulness helped a Busy Mum and Business woman

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

As a busy mum, wife, multiple business owner with the usual “women” duties to sort out too, I have a lot on my plate, meaning stress and anxiety is a constant struggle to contend with.

2018 presented a lot of hurdles and hard times for me, both in work and homelife, and after the death of a person dear to me in August, I felt I needed a way to deal with the weight on my shoulders and the emotion I had been holding inside of me for such a long time.

This is when I reached out to Gemma from The Happiness Branch, who offered an ideal fit to support me in tackling the difficulties I was facing - her 8 week Mindfulness Course.

I must admit, I have always been skeptical of some holistic approaches, and was nervous to whether this would be a solution to everything going on, especially as grief is a very difficult emotion to manage and overcome. However, Gemma’s group programme and understanding approach meant that I soon settled comfortably into the programme from week one.

From there I learned how to use mindfulness practices and techniques to manage my stress, emotions and anxiety, and build up a mindful habit in my day-to-day life. This meant I was able to start taking space for myself when faced with difficult situations, and analyse and reflect on them to come to logical conclusions, thus reducing my stress and worry.

As the weeks of the course went on I built supportive relationships with others on the course, and felt in a safe place to openly share personal aspects of my life, and my feelings, without judgement. Gemma’s teachings were easy to follow and delivered in a kind and supportive way.

Gemma’s knowledge and experience of mindfulness practices and the industry as a whole shined through, and I can honestly say that within 8 weeks my mindset has totally changed and I am now able to deal with stressful situations and my busy life in a calmer and more relaxed way.


If you would like to go on your own journey of transformation through Mindfulness find out more here

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