Focus on What you are For rather than what you are Against

Why is it important to focus on what you are for rather than fighting what you’re against? Do you feel like you want to make changes in the world? You see things happening and you want to have a voice, to shift things, to change things? Have a read on, I share the science behind why it is important to shift this focus, we can place a neuroscience and energy lens over this to really help us achieve our dreams, create amazing businesses and really be of service to the world, in a way that just flows!

So I believe this is an important one to share when you thinking about the law of attraction, manifestation and making a change in the world. It’s very easy to get caught up in what’s not working and fighting against something, in fact it’s how our brains are wired to protect us from harm (fight, flight, look for the threats).

Just because I don't talk about certain things, doesn't mean that I'm not wanting them to change. It means I am manifesting an alternate reality for us all. What do I mean by this? So, this is in response to a lot of things I've seen going on social media, and in the world in general recently. Of course I want some things to be different, of course I want them to change but the research and energy shows that if we focus on trying to change those things we fight against them and they persist.

So, let's be really clear you are here because you are a change maker, you want the world to be different. You are a visionary, an entrepreneur?

You're passionate about doing things in your own way, you're passionate about changing the world in one way or another? This is why we're here right we're actually here to be of service to make those changes to make those shifts in the world. You know, no matter who that is in the world ultimately that's what we're looking at doing!

So calling it out I’ve been seeing a lot of fighting against things that have been happening and things that have been going on in the world. As you know I don't watch the news but I will go and source information if I need from government advice and things like that. Consuming media and recycling news isn’t great anyway but this runs deeper than this I believe.

I think it’s great to be involved in some kind of revolution and sometimes rebellion, that sits very true to my values around thinking differently and driving change. However, when we go too much into the energy of ‘against’ something and we fight we firstly recycle the negativity (this is a very natural state for our brains protecting us from harm but we do need to work around this) this fuels our fight flight responses and shuts us down from actually doing anything useful or productive (goodbye creative work!). So what is happening here is when we start to fight against something not only do we lose our power to it but we lose our brain power on other things too!

Secondly we manifest more of it by fighting against it and this is really key to understand. 95-98% of our manifestation comes from our subconscious. Think about all those thoughts, words, feelings that come with when you fight against something? These are all feeding into the RAS (Reticular Activating System) in the brain and then manifesting more of it into your field. The brain does not know the word ‘don’t, not’ etc so the more you say I don’t want X I want to change it, the more the brain hears ‘hey X you want more of that yeah okay?!’

This is also how Positive Psychology works, not only fuelling our brains by focusing on what we are for rather than against but creating positive changes and ripples in our lives and the lives of others. Our emotions are our data, telling us we are out of alignment and to move up our emotional set point (thank you Hicks for that phrase!). Its simply asking yourself, what am I fighting for or against? What can I do to increase my joy levels right now to attract more of what I want into the world rather than what I don’t want?

Just like the cool song by Disclosure ‘Where the focus goes, the energy flows’ as soon as we focus on what we do want me attract it into our lives, this is how quantum physics works it is about Intention.

If you really want to be a changemaker and a visionary, then this is an energy responsibility to focus on what you DO want rather than fighting against what you don’t. This is not all about love and light, yes, we want to face and clear the shadow side and the dark side but through recognition of it and then clearing and moving into a space of what we do want.

What will you be for rather than against?

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