Do you feel the fear and do it anyway?

What do you do even though it really scares you, I ran a Facebook live for the first time

Yesterday and I was so anxious beforehand and just felt so awkward during! Even though I was overwhelmed by positive responses and feedback I couldn’t help but beat myself about how I could have done better....

But then I stopped and took stock and realised a year ago I wouldn’t have even done a pre recorded video let alone go live warts and all streaming over Facebook! So I’ve really had to think about how far I’ve come and how my anxiety genuinely decreases by the day. Yes, I’ve done some work with positive psychology, mindfulness and affirmations but these things have helped my resilience and this has enabled me to properly feel the fear and do it anyway. I was so anxious about my first vlog and now it feels like a walk in the park compared to going live! Sometimes you’ve just got to put yourself into the situations that will grow you... I have learned confidence doesn’t build first then you do something you have to do something then it will build confidence as it becomes easier over time.

Carol Dweck (2006) in her work in mindset has found that what we believe about a situation can make a massive difference to our performance... if we genuinely believe our capability is endless and we can grow and develop anything then we will! One of the best stories I’ve heard of is the Dan Plan, Dan believed he could be a pro golfer even though he had never played professional golf. He just applied himself and put in the required amount of hours and made it happen. (Heres his website so you can find out more

So I believed I ‘was the sort of person’ who could do a Facebook live and I felt the fear and did it anyway, it might not be the most professionally produced video (actually I had issues with my phone and it ended up on the side!) but I’m really hoping it will help a few people. That’s my strength of ‘growth’ coming out... by tapping into my strengths I’m able to connect with my motivation for doing something I am scared of. It’s so important to tap into our strengths and that’s one of the ways I’ve been able to use positive psychology to help me with the resilience part of feeling the fear and doing it anyway! What could you do? Do you know your strengths? Do you actively practice Mindfulness? Get in touch if we can help you, that’s why I’m here... that’s why I do things that make me feel scared... I want to help YOU.

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