Argh I’m so busy! How can mindfulness stop my busy thoughts?

Ok so this is a question I get asked a lot by clients and followers, how to I stop my busy thoughts? I’m sorry to say there is no magic pill! You can’t just tell your thoughts to stop. In my blog post ‘I can’t stop thinking’ I talk about this and my own experience. I’m not perfect and I have some days where my mind is just really busy and I think about random things, sometimes even like ‘ooo do I have an avocado in the fridge? Ooo I like avocados’ yep seriously!! But I’ve learned to just notice this and bring my attention back to what I’m focused on (body and breathing usually but could be my senses if I’m mindful walking or doing a mindfulness activity).

Remember here you’re looking at training your brain, it’s mindfulness ‘practice’ and trust me it works, I am a shadow of my former self. I used to be stressed, anxious, cry most days, when I first started practicing mindfulness I noticed this extreme anxiety I had, chest pains and really wandering thoughts (some even more extreme like the shop has run out of avocados - I’m joking). It brought to my attention more how I was feeling and I’m not saying this was easy I had to keep being aware of this and noticing it to train my brain to notice in a non judgemental way. Remember the definition of mindfulness is ‘paying attention in the present moment non-judgementally’ the most important part being the non judgement part and this is what I struggled with when I first learned mindfulness. I started to judge myself ‘why am I so busy, why can’t I do this’, judge others ‘why and how can they do this?’. It was only when I let go of this judgement and just let it be that I was able to move on.

So my plea to you is to remember to not judge, remember your thoughts are just your thoughts and actually that’s all they are, they are not facts! This is one of the themes of our 8 week mindfulness course, it’s really important to think about this. This also highlights the importance of kindness, I always felt like I had to do more, socialise more, work more and was draining myself and causing the anxiety, the mindfulness taught me the importance of kindness to myself. I am a human being and I need love and kindness the same as anyone, I need my recharge time otherwise I’ll deplete myself and then I can’t help others. We also look at this in the course, making a ‘kindful list’ of things you can do to be kind to yourself so you build your energy back up.

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