“Are you listening? Your Big dream here”

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

“Are you listening? Your Big dream here”

What’s your big dream and vision?

When we look at our big vision and dream its really important to face into and do the work around any blocks that are preventing you from achieving that dream. This has been one of the biggest breakthroughs in building a business as a Highly Sensitive Person for me and my clients. For me this was social anxiety, I used to have anxiety so bad I couldn’t speak to a room of 10 people let alone the thousands I spoke to doing my TEDx.

A really key thing is a lot of the time we can lose track of our big dream and vision, we start to focus on what’s wrong, what’s not working, the problems. By tuning back into this big dream and vision, it becomes that lighthouse in the dark for where we are heading, it helps to guide us back to where we should be going, bring us back into flow. If we can also add gratitude into the equation this gives an even bigger boost and it helps us to course-correct and go back to what we need.

When I first set up The Happiness Branch I was doing it as a side hustle on top of my corporate job and I didn’t have much energy to give to it. I’d heard that its good to network, so I spent most of my non-corporate time networking and meeting people for coffee. My 1 day a week I had for my business quickly filled up. Those coffee chats ended up being people who wanted to sell to me or those who wanted free coaching, soon I was drained with nothing left to give and nothing to show for it.

When I stopped and tuned into my big dream and listened to my body it made me stop. I could see the bigger picture and I could see I was heading for burnout. See as highly sensitives the ‘general’ way doesn’t always work for us, yes it will get us so far but it will never be ground-breaking. We continue to push and in this state we are telling our bodies we are in fear state and we need to shut down anything remotely useful and just survive. This has all sorts of knock on effects on us such as physical illness, weight gain (I used to get a really dry mouth when I pushed myself to work in London regularly, it was my body freaking out!).

This also enables you to tap into your intuition. Your intuition usually knows the way but we cloud it with so much pushing through its hard to hear it through the noise as the body is simply at breaking point. By knowing your bodies ‘yes’ and ‘no’s when you tap into intuition can really help here too (Have a think about a decision that turned out to be a)a right one and b) a wrong one, can you feel in your body where you feel those?).

By listening I was able to stop and this stopping helped to recharge me and then bam….the business became a success because I was allowing it to happen and I had energy, great energy I could put into my work. Its as simple as asking yourself what do you need right now? Stopping and listening and Mindfulness can help with this too…

So Long term – What’s my goal and vision and how can I get there?

Short term – What does my body need right now in this moment?

Sometimes for me this means being in nature, taking my laptop to a café, working with just my notebook on the beach, hiding in the car and meditating before TEDx (That’s a story for another time!). I used to struggle with the push/pull all the time, feeling like when I took care of myself I was pulling back and wasn’t getting anything done but the reality was I was doing so much more in this way, I was giving out great energy and clearing my own blocks. This is a real responsibility if you work with clients, so stop and clear so you can be that clear channel to help others.

This also comes into boundaries – how, when and who you work with, what you say no to. Tune in, your body knows what decision to make.

Yes I do feel like I’ve spent significant time hiding but sometimes we need to retreat and pull back, we are far from lazy and we are usually giving ourselves a hard time, its time to give your body a chance to stop fighting and getting ready to run and reset back to a peaceful still point one where you can see clearly and listen to what you really need as this is what is going to tune you back into your big dream.

In The Shine Academy, we work with this first, giving you ways to process and clear before moving onto the techniques to work with clients, its super important to take this responsibility first for making sure you are in a high vibrational place before moving forward, scientifically (think fight/flight), energetically (hello blocked chakras) and just from a place of self love and love for your friends and family and service to your clients.

What will you do to honour your big dream/vision and your body?

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