Anxiety and Intuition – What’s the difference and how can this help us in life and Business?

Understanding the difference between anxiety and intuition can be a gamechanger, not only that but intuition can be an incredible superpower.

With anxiety you can feel like it holds you back in your life and business. If you’re a learning addict like me and constantly wanting to learn and improve you can sometimes go round in self awareness loops about the anxiety.

Where did it come from? What is happening? What do I need to heal? You find yourself going round in circles.

I’ll use networking meetings as an example, so when I first set up The Happiness Branch I’d heard that you should go to networking events for your business. Most times I went to a networking event I would feel anxious and drained. I would end up in this loop, I thought I’d healed my anxiety, why am I feeling anxious again?

I would pick apart the situation trying to work out where the anxiety came from and would waste so much time going round in loops.

What was actually happening was I wasn’t listening to my body, it was telling me I needed rest and recharge time and every time I went to an event I would get overwhelmed by everyone else. Especially being a Mindfulness teacher and Coach I would find people would come and find me in the event to ‘offload’. By the time I’d left I’d picked up so much energy from everyone else and I was completely and utterly exhausted. My intuition was telling me to rest, it was telling me I needed recharge time but I kept pushing through and going to what I thought was the ‘right’ thing to do for my business.

It also taught me a lot about boundaries and this was one the boundaries I needed to set around not going to so many events and actually slowing down a bit. Once I slowed down and got in flow this is when the magic happened for me. There was no need to heal anything, it wasn’t anxiety, I had deal with that…it was just my intuition saying slow down and have some recharge time!

Do you ever go places or on Zoom calls or even social media and then you suddenly feel like you’ve got anxiety?

It might not be anxiety, it might simply be high sensitivity or energy you have picked up or your body telling you to step away and rest. Get some boundaries in place, do energy clearing meditation, walk in nature and take responsibility not for the healing you think you need but for the clearing out of this energy so you are truly taking care of yourself energetically, spiritually and emotionally.

Mindfulness can help you to build awareness and as you build a Mindfulness habit you can begin to tune into whether its anxiety or intuition too you will begin to feel the difference in your body, you will be able to clear it in a way that works for you.

As highly sensitive people we do need more recharge time and its okay to say no to events, as we are a small proportion of the population the world is not built for highly sensitives. Things are starting to shift and change though. Remember the answers are not external to you…pushing through does not resolve it…it comes from within, being comfortable to be able to sit in silence, to allow you fight/flight mechanism to slow down, to chill out!

Remember it can also be an incredible superpower in your business, helping you to really connect and understand your clients, to see beyond the words and ‘feel’ into what’s going on. We can have really rich inner worlds and it can help us be super creative too. Its actually part of the coaching themes from the ICF coaching accreditation I did too, being able to play back themes to clients and pick up on those ‘feelings’ or hunches you might have.

If this resonates, you’re feeling like this, this is an incredible time for you as we start to emerge from lockdown, now is the time to create a life and business you love that honours your sensitivities.

If you would like to explore this in yourself from a place of self awareness and growth and really shift and change using your intuition as a superpower, book a call with me to discuss working together.

Gemma xx

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