So a while ago I climbed Ben Nevis, prior to that I climbed Scafell Pike and Snowdon rounding off the 3 peaks. I can honestly say that climbing Ben Nevis was the hardest thing I have ever done, I am not unfit but I am certainly not a mountain climber! As I was climbing and descending I was thinking about what had driven me to keep going when my legs were wobbly and weak and I felt I couldn’t move one foot in front of the other at times and it also got me thinking about other things I have had to push myself through in life to achieve a goal. For example when I did my degree, I decided to do it part time and it took 7 years with the Open University. I sacrificed my social life (and possibly sometimes my sanity and my energy!) but what really was it about these things that allowed myself to push through and achieve them? If I had set another goal, would I achieve it in the same way?

So thinking back to the research in Positive Psychology around goals, self determination theory shows that if goals are intrinsic (related to personal growth, helping, relationships etc) rather than extrinsic (related to financial gain, fame or power) we are more likely to achieve them and have increased wellbeing.Also if our goals are aligned to our values we are more likely to achieve them.  So thinking about my goals, what got me through 7 years of studying part time it was the intrinsic part of my goal, wanting to use psychology to help people and drawing on my values of compassion, helping others and relationships. What got me up the 3 peaks? I’m not entirely sure on this one perhaps my value of growth? Wanting to do things to push myself to grow and develop and be a better person. What goals do you have? Are they things that will grow and develop you and help others? What are your values and how do they look next to your goals and maybe the job you do? What really matters to you?? Please comment and get involved!


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