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Gemma Sandwell, Bsc.Hons.

Mindfulness Teacher & Chief Happiness Officer

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A warm welcome to our Mindfulness page. See details of our popular 8 Week Courses below or scroll down to purchase a recording and see our other Mindfulness products.

Do you want to be less stressed and anxious, more productive every day and build a skill in resilience for life?


Mindfulness means ‘paying attention, on purpose,  in the present moment, non judgementally’ (Jon-Kabat Zinn) and is a technique which helps us be more productive and creative, improve our memory and reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Your flexible 8 week online Mindfulness course is run an hour a week over Zoom with a supportive private Facebook group.

  • You will learn an introduction to Mindfulness practices, Mindful living techniques and building on this to form Mindfulness habits to move forward with in everyday life.

  • The 8 weeks will be interactive sessions with lots of practice and reflection and home ‘experiments’ to be carried out between sessions. If you are unable to attend the sessions they will be automatically recorded and a copy of the recording sent to you for playback.





"Gemma’s 8 week mindfulness course is a real eye opener into your own

life and helps you become a stronger, more resilient person"

"Gemma has a very relaxed and easygoing teaching manner.

With so much busyness, stress & anxiety these days,

it’s great to learn tools and techniques that can be drawn upon for

support at anytime. And just learning to be present in the moment

brings so many benefits. A great ally in a frantic world. Thanks Gemma"

Week 1

Automatic Pilot

Switching off from autopilot, mindful eating and body scan

Week 2

Dealing with barriers

Thinking about barriers with a focus on mindful breathing 

Week 3

Mindful movement

Incorporating movement into our practice

Week 4

Staying present

Mindfulness and stress, thoughts feelings and emotions

Week 5


How do use acceptance when we need it.

Week 6

Thoughts are just thoughts

Understanding our thoughts  and exploring our moods

Week 7

Taking best care of myself

Being kind to ourselves and creating a plan for kindness

Week 8

Acceptance and change

Finalising plans for meditation and kindness practice

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