Finding your Calm

Mindfulness Course


An 8 Week Mindfulness Course, a tribe for focused and productive people who want think differently about their approach to well-being and want to find their calm based on the scientifically backed methods of MBSR and MBCT.


Do you want to be less stressed & anxious, productive every day and build a life skill in resilience?


 What if you could help those around you at work and home from a nourished place where your cup is full and flowing over?

What if you had a technique which could help you manage your emotions, take a step back and focus on self care?

If you didn't get stressed out and drained on a daily basis and be able to fully give to your friends and family?

Trust me I've been there, on a journey of overcoming severe anxiety and studying for over 13 years in Psychology and Mindfulness. I can share a secret or two to help...join me over in the life changing course and check out what our tribe are saying about the course below

  • Access to all of the 8 Week course session recordings, content, journals and workbooks  to use in your own time at your own pace via the course portal


Overcame anxiety and set up two businesses which continue to flourish during lockdown. 

>> She has dramatically reduced her anxiety, she was too anxious to record a video before we started working together.

>> In lock-down she had to close her businesses but with my support she was able to tune into a mindset which enabled her to shift her offering and the money came flooding back in.

>> The Mindfulness tools she got from my Finding Your Calm course has enabled her to see things with clarity and stay calm especially in current times.

>> She has shifted her mindset to a place where she is honoring her sensitivities and self care first and has enabled her to help others and shift her businesses to bring her income.

>> She has expanded her business outside of the UK working with clients worldwide 


I cannot find the words to express how I am loving this course, seriously it has made such a difference to how I am coping with the current bad times. You will love it! It's learning that is delivered in a really straightforward way and the results are powerful Yvonne


I cant recommend the course enough. I cant thank you enough for the last 8 weeks it has totally changed my life.

Serena Fordham of Serena Fordham Enterprises Ltd 

I recently completed the 8 week mindfulness course with Gemma and would highly recommend it. Gemma has a very relaxed and easygoing teaching manner. With so much busyness, stress & anxiety these days, it’s great to learn tools and techniques that can be drawn upon for support at anytime. And just learning to be present in the moment brings so many benefits. A great ally in a frantic world. Thanks Gemma.

Heidi Davies


Such an incredible inspiring concept, run by a exceptional role model. It’s making such an impact on my day to day life that I wish I had learnt this stuff years ago

Dr Sarah Fletcher

Week 1

Automatic Pilot

Switching off from autopilot, mindful eating and body scan

Week 2

Dealing with barriers

Thinking about barriers with a focus on mindful breathing 

Week 3

Mindful movement

Incorporating movement into our practice

Week 4

Staying present

Mindfulness and stress, thoughts feelings and emotions

Week 5


How do use acceptance when we need it.

Week 6

Thoughts are just thoughts

Understanding our thoughts  and exploring our moods

Week 7

Taking best care of myself

Being kind to ourselves and creating a plan for kindness

Week 8

Acceptance and change

Finalising plans for meditation and kindness practice