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Gemma Sandwell

Hi, I’m Gemma, I’m an accredited Coach and Energy Alchemist for Intuitive entrepreneurs who have big ambitious dreams overcome their fears and make a massive impact in the world.


I enable my clients to tap into their potential, connect with their authentic selves, understand their strengths, superpowers to create the business and life of their dreams full of joy and flow. 


After going through anxiety, burnout and low confidence and 14 years of study in Psychology, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Energy work & Coaching and becoming a TEDx speaker, I’ve used these same tools myself to to build a business and life that I love.


Since starting my business I've coached hundreds of business leaders and entrepreneurs, taught Mindfulness courses and trained Coaches in furthering their coaching skills. I work with incredible intuitive and passionate entrepreneurs all over the world.


Gemma Sandwell Bsc Hons, Dip Pos. Psych. , ICF ACC,  Mindfulness Teacher, TEDx Speaker


Discovery Sessions NOW available over messenger too - perfect for introverts, please pop whether you would like a call or messages in the details when you book!

Watch my TEDx talk on Mindfulness and Positive Psychology